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Frederik Vrancken, also known as Fred, is a freelance producer of commercials, feature films, music videos, short movies, and documentaries.

He began his career in 1999 as a music video producer but shortly after expanded to commercial production.

Based in Brussels, Fred has produced commercials in over 20 different countries and has collaborated with renowned production companies such as Czar Brussels, Caviar Brussels, Caviar Los Angeles, Skunk US, Henri de Czar Paris, Rokkit London, among others. He has produced commercials for some of the world’s largest ad agencies and brands.

In addition to his experience in production management and line production of commercials, Fred has also been involved in the production of award-winning feature and short films.

Examples of Fred's work can be found on the other pages of this website.

Feel free to contact Fred for any further specific purpose-related references or to inquire about shooting in Belgium.

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